New patients will have an initial consultation period so that Dr. Ferrell may become familiar with your history and specific concerns.  Often a working diagnosis and preliminary treatment plan can be made at the conclusion of the initial visit.  Alternatively, some patients may be better served by a longer period of consultation before specific treatments are recommended.  

If Dr. Ferrell determines that she is not the most effective provider for your specific needs, she will refer you to a more appropriate specialist.

Dr. Ferrell works to incorporate your preferences into your individualized treatment plan.  Additionally, with patient's permission, she will communicate with other treating providers including referring physicians, primary care physicians and therapists in order to ensure proper continuity of care. 

Initial assessment and consultation:  (60 minutes)

Consists of comprehensive mental health, medical, social, developmental and family histories.  You will be requested to review and complete the clinic forms that can be accessed via the link labeled "new patient forms."  Please bring the completed forms with you or plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill them out in the waiting room.

Psychotherapy : (45 minutes)

Therapy consists of an initial period of gaining understanding and a mutual trust and focus.  We then work to increase insight and challenge those patterns that continue to cause dysfunction.  Dr. Ferrell will work with you to determine the optimal frequency of these appointments, although they commonly occur on a weekly or twice-weekly basis.  Therapy may be short-term or long-term in nature.

Medication Management : (30 minutes)

 Intermittent appointments to monitor the effect of psychiatric medications will continue for as long as medications are prescribed.